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Velvet Cushions

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7 colour options
  1. VelvetCelery
  2. VelvetPurple
  3. VelvetRasp
  4. VelvetRed
  5. VelvetSilver
  6. VelvetTaupe
  7. C-VelvetTang
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$29.95 USD - $49.95 USD
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Velvet Cushions
Velvet Cushions $29.95 USD - $49.95 USD

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Our luxuriously soft velvet cushions are available in 5 fashion shades and 3 neutrals.  They have a subtle, elegant sheen and add drama to any décor.  Perfect for the bedroom, living room or den. 

Filled with our feather inserts for excellent comfort and support.  Available in 18” square, 25” square and decorative cushion (14" x18") sizes. Cover is a washable with a hidden zipper.

 Type Size
 Mini Cushion 14" x 18"
 Toss Cushion 18" x 18"
 Long Cushion 12" x 26"
 Euro Cushion 26" x 26"


The feather insert is one inch bigger in both length and width

The cushion cover may be hand washed in cold water and hung to dry.

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