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Soothe Weighted Blanket and Cover

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Size Dimensions
2 colour options
  1. Grey - Weighted Blanket Cover
  2. Marin - Weighted Blanket Cover
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$134.95 USD - $199.95 USD$114.95 USD - $169.95 USD
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Soothe Weighted Blanket and Cover
Soothe Weighted Blanket and Cover $134.95 USD - $199.95 USD$114.95 USD - $169.95 USD
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Select Colour

We recommend choosing a weight that is 8 to 12% of your body weight

Body Weight

Blanket Weight

60 - 87 lbs 7 lbs
84 - 125 10 lbs
125 - 187 15 lbs
167 - 250+ 20 lbs

Caution: Not recommended for children under 60 Lbs or for anyone unable to lift the blanket off themselves.

The Soothe weighted blanket provides a gentle hug, helping you to fall asleep faster, turn less and sleep longer. It also provides a deep pressure touch which helps your body to release relaxing neurotransmitters. Weighted blankets are also believed to help calm individuals with

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Autism
  • Restless Leg syndrome
  • Parkinson's
  • Dementia.

Our weighted blankets are designed with the details in mind

  • Filled with glass beads - higher density fill , dust free
  • Cotton outer shell - for breath-ability
  • Beads are contained in pouches and then locked in place by the sewn through box stitching
  • Includes removable soft touch polyester cover for adding warmth and soothing comfort (machine washable)
  • 8 tie-downs to keep the weighted blanket securely in place in the cover. (4 corners and mid length on 4 sides)
Duvet Cover

All measurements are stated width x length.



7 lbs 41" x 60"
10 lbs 48" x 72"
15 lbs 48" x 72"
20 lbs 48" x 72"

Our weighted blankets is made with 100% cotton outer fabric with glass beads filling which are contained in individual pouches then locked in place in the sewn through box stitching. This eliminates filling migration. Blanket should be used with the included cover at all times. Regular washing of the cover is recommended to reduce the need to wash the weighted blanket. 

Removable Cover:  Fully machine washable

Weighted inner blanket: Hand wash, hang to dry.

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