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Palladium Duvet

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$129.99 USD - $189.99 USD
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Palladium Duvet
Palladium Duvet $129.99 USD - $189.99 USD
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Product availability varies by location and the information shown may differ from the store’s actual. It is recommended that you call the store to confirm it has sufficient quantity available for your needs, especially when low stock is indicated. While Daniadown is committed to accurate inventory data, this information is covered under our terms and condition of use and Daniadown cannot be held liable for any loss or damages you may incur by relying on this information.

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A special limited buy brings you fantastic value in this Silver Duck Down duvet. Many consumers mistakenly believe that white down is superior to grey, colour has no effect on a down's insulating ability nor its cleanliness. Their bias is your opportunity as the market price of Grey down is much less than a comparable white down.

The down used in this duvet is exceptional, 660 loft and with a turbidity test of 1000mm and oxygen test of 4.8 mg/100g gives it a super clean rating. See the trackmydown link below for more test results showing just how good this down is.

4 Seasons Warmth - 165 g/m
  • Fill:Grey Duck Down
  • Loft: 660
  • Thread Count: 330
  • Construction: Box Baffle 
  • Ultra-Fresh® treated
  • Super Clean rated - hypoallergenic



    We are currently producing this duvet using Lot# 04041117135. Click on the number to see what's inside. Lot# may vary based on a location's inventory, actual down characteristics may differ slightly.

    Duvet             All measurements stated are width x length

    Size Imperial (inches) Metric (cm)
     Twin   66 x 84 168 x 213 
     Double   80 x 84 204 x 213
     Queen   90 x 90 229 x 229
     King   104 x 90 264 x 229
     Super King
      112 x 100
    284 x 254

    All stated dimensions are measured while the product is flat before washing. Small but commercially acceptable variations from these measurements may occur.

    This duvet may be Dry Cleaned or Wet Washed.

    • For dry cleaning please use a reputable firm.
    • For wet washing and or spot cleaning please refer to our " How to Care for  your Down Duvet" page which can be found under Bedding 101 or Click here.

    Ultra-freshlogo.jpg Ultra-Fresh is an antimicrobial treatment that inhibits and destroys the growth of many bacteria and fungi that cause unpleasant odours and staining, keeping your duvet fresher and cleaner. For more information on ultra-fresh please visit
    IDFL-Logo-100x88EFF0F4.png The down used in this duvet has been tested by IDFL Laboratory and Institute to have met or exceeded the loft claimed. 
    Downmark.jpg Downmark logo,  their assurance that the product you are purchasing is the ultimate in quality and value. Only the very best Canadian manufacturers can qualify for and earn the right to use the Downmark logo on their products.

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