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Nellies Laundry Soap Nuggets

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$17.95 USD$12.99 USD
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Nellies Laundry Soap Nuggets
Nellies Laundry Soap Nuggets $17.95 USD$12.99 USD
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Now doing laundry is easy, even for men! Nellie's pre-measure laundry nuggets takes the mess and the questions out of doing laundry. One nugget can clean a full load.

Collector Tin converts into a Retro style coin bank!

Nellie's is:
Eco Friendly
HE Certified

Laundry Nuggets is an excellent choice for the eco friendly consumer. Derived from water glass, the soda is a natural whitener and water softener. With added natural coconut and palm ingredients, the soda is powerful cleaner. No chemical fillers, whiteners, bleach or petroleum products makes Nellie's Laundry Soda safe for users and the enviroment.

Remember it is so effective only One Nugget is required for each load.

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