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Evolve Feather Fibre Pillow

5 out of 5 (based on 1 reviews)
Overall Statistics 5 out of 5 (based on 1 reviews) more

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$35.95 USD - $39.95 USD$28.76 USD - $31.96 USD
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Evolve Feather Fibre Pillow
Evolve Feather Fibre Pillow $35.95 USD - $39.95 USD$28.76 USD - $31.96 USD
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The EVOLVE pillow is filled with Feather fibre, using an new and innovative processing method the hard quill of the feather has been completely removed, leaving only the softest parts of the feather. This pillow will have the soft feel of down and the weight, density and support of a traditional feather pillow. With the help of man the feather has evolved to provide greater softness and support.

  • Ideal for all types of sleepers
  • Fill: 100% natural feather fibre filled
  • Ticking: 233 thread count, pre-shrunk 100% White Cotton
  • Fill Weight Standard (36 oz), Queen (42 oz), King (50oz)
  • Guarantee: 2 Year Workmanship
  • RDS Certified
  • Trackmydown transparency


Bed Size





Standard 20 x 26 51 x 66
Queen 20 x30 51 x 74
King 20 x 36 51 x 91

All stated dimensions are measured while the product is flat before washing.  Small but commercially acceptable variations from these measurements may occur.

  • Machine wash cold with mild detergent.
  • Extra rinse cycle.
  • Tumble dry low heat with 3 clean tennis or dryer balls until thoroughly dry (may take several hours).
  • Or professional launder.
  • Do not dry clean.
Evolve Feather Fibre Pillow

Awesome pillow

5 out of 5

Review Details

By: - New Westminster British Columbia, CA (More Reviews)
Would you recommend? Yes
Reviewed Date: 01/09/2021
Was this review helpful? Yes / No 2 of 3 visitors found this review helpful
Really enjoying this pillow. Very mouldable and comfy
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