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Clearance - 400 TC Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases

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Clearance - 400 TC Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases
Clearance - 400 TC Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases $24.95 USD - $29.95 USD$0.00 USD - $0.00 USD

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Egyptian cotton is a long staple cotton grown in the ideal conditions that exist in Egypt. This cotton, known for its long, smooth fibers is woven into a high quality fabric that is smooth, soft and durable.

With a thread count of 400 per square inch, we have also created a sheet that is breathable. The threads are not overly compacted, as with extra high thread count sheets, thereby allowing the air to flow through the sheet and keep you cool.

Enjoy the benefits of Daniadown’s Egyptian cotton:

  • Classic hem stitch finish on pillowcases
  • Oversized to account for shrinkage
  • Housewife fold on pillowcases prevent pillow slippage and help to dress the bed

    Slip into a set today and savour the comfort.

Pillowcases are sold in a pack of two; Euro Covers are sold individually.

Bed Size



Reg/Q 20 x 29
51 x 74
20 x 36
51 x 91
 Euro25 x 25 63.5 x 63.5
Commercially acceptable, small size variations may exist.

  • Wash Separately
  • Machine Wash Warm
  • Do not Bleach
  • Tumble Dry Low Heat
  • Steam Iron on Medium

Always refer to the item's sewn on laundry instruction label.

Looking for a better cotton sheet? We think you will love Daniadown’s soft and smooth, 400 count, Egyptian cotton sheets.

What is Egyptian Cotton?
This is a specific variety of cotton, Gossypium barbadense, grown in Egypt, where the climate promotes longer growth of the cotton fibers. This cotton is classified as ELS or Extra Long Staple cotton. These long, smooth fibers are spun into fine threads and then woven into a high quality fabric that is soft and flexible.

Because Egyptian cotton is characterized by its long staples, the threads can be more tightly spun creating sheets that are long wearing and resist pilling.

Egyptian cotton is naturally absorbent wicking moisture away from the sleeper to keep you comfortable and dry.

In the production process, the high absorbency of Egyptian cotton allows the fibers to readily take up dyes giving you vibrant colored sheets with colors that last.

With a thread count of 400 per square inch, Daniadown has created a sheet that is soft, durable and breathable. Because the threads are not a overly compacted, as with extra high thread count sheets, air flows freely through the sheet keeping you cool.

The Daniadown Difference:
At Daniadown we make our Egyptian cotton sheets with a classic hem stitch embroidery giving your sheets polished look.

  • We don’t skimp on our sizes ensuring that your sheets will fit your bed even after residual shrinkage in the wash.
  • All our pillowcases are made with a housewife fold that tucks around the end of your pillow allowing you to dress your bed perfectly and prevent pillow slippage as you sleep.
  • At Daniadown our standard fitted sheet depth is 15”, a perfect fit for about 80% of mattresses on the market. We also offer extra long and extra deep sheets for those that need it. Please connect with us on chat if you can’t find your perfect size….we are happy to make it.

Products available in our premium Egyptian cotton include Duvet Cover Sets, Sheets, Pillowcases, Bedskirts, Euro Cushion Covers(limited colors) and Custom requests.

Slip into a set of Daniadown’s premium Egyptian cotton sheets today and savour the comfort.

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