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4 Seasons Wool Duvet

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Wool is sourced from France.
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$189.95 USD - $259.95 USD
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4 Seasons Wool Duvet
4 Seasons Wool Duvet $189.95 USD - $259.95 USD
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A midweight wool duvet, perfect for use year round.  It is filled with extra fluffy premium wool from France and covered in a fine cotton cover. 

Your Daniawool 4 Seasons Duvet will keep you at an even temperature whether the outside air is warm or cool.  The wool is also breathable so you don’t overheat. This keeps you comfortable over a range of temperatures.

And your Daniawool duvet is easy to care for; simply air your duvet to refresh it or wash as indicated

  • 100% Wool from FRANCE
  • Cotton Cover
  • Tie-down 4 corner loops
  • Machine Washable
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic
  • Renewable
  • Biodegradable

All measurements are stated width x length.

Bed Size





Twin 66 x 86 168 x 218
Double 80 x 86 204 x 218
Queen 90 x 90 229 x 229
King 104 x 90 264 x 229
Super King 112 x 100 284 x 254

All stated dimensions are measure while the product is flat before washing. Small but commercially acceptable variations from these measurements may occur.

Daniawool duvets are machine washable in cold water in a front load style wash machine

Grams in Each Duvet

Twin 1440 grams

Double 1760 grams

Queen 2096 grams

King 2416 grams

Super King 2884 grams

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